Personal Update: Mid November

This week has been nice and uneventful. Most of my time has been focused on work (the Secrets of Grindea production book is coming along nicely), and the rest has been spent with the pets or playing games with friends online. In other words, an ideal week!

Currently Playing

This week I’ve spent some time playing a game in my favourite genre: Divinity: Original Sin 2. There’s something absolutely fantastic about top-down RPGs with loads of dialogues and multiple reply choices. I don’t think there’s any other type of game that make me feel as immersed and invested in the story (with the exception of certain first person games, such as Skyrim). It’s also been a long time since I last played a game like this, so it’s been nice to get back into it.

Possibly the best part of it is that it’s co-op as well, so you can play with up to three friends. I really wish more story-driven games had the option to team up with others, it’s great to be able to experience the story together.

Currently Watching

This is a rather strange watch for me since I usually dislike movies and series featuring people currently alive or who only recently died. I have no problem with depictions of long dead rulers, but when the people involved are still alive it just feels… Weird.

The Crown is my one exception, because the craftmanship of this series is just too good to resist. The acting, the direction, the soundtrack, everything is just perfection. Currently halfway through season 5 and loving it as much as the previous seasons.

Currently Reading

I’m actually in a bit of a reading slump at the moment. I’ve started three different books, but none of them seem to keep me hooked.

Instead I’ve been listening to Rex Factor, a podcast that reviews and rates every single English monarch through history and, in the current season, their consorts.

I absolutely love the format, which involves a lot of amazing storytelling and events and history, and while it’s not exactly reading, it’s close enough!

Last Week in Pictures

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