Personal Update: Snowy Wonderland

Last weekend I woke up one morning to see the entire world transformed from a wet decaying mess to a shining white wonderland. We don’t get a lot of snow on this island – some years just a week or two. But this year it came early, and though it remains to see how long it lasts, I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.

There’s something so beautiful and cozy with snow covering everything. Of course, snow also means cold and wetness, so I took the opportunity to clean out the chicken’s coop and fill it with fresh bedding and a ton of straw to keep them warm and dry. Our chickens don’t like to venture outside in the snow, so it’s important that they enjoy their smaller housing until it melts away. They particularly love to look for food among the straw, so that’s one easy way of keeping them entertained.

Here’s a short video of one of the chickens coming out to explore the newly cleaned coop:

Other than not wanting to set foot in the snow they don’t seem particularly bothered by the cold so far, which is a relief. They keep coming outside every day and seem as happy as ever when we give them their usual snacks! In fact, they’ve even started laying more eggs now compared to a couple of weeks ago, so we have a ton of those.

Fingers crossed it keeps going well and won’t get much colder 🙂

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