Personal Update: Christmas is Here

…well, not yet exactly, but the decorations are here at least!

Some decorations beneath a map of the island made in the 1700’s.

December is one of the coziest times of the year – I love the how beautiful everything gets with the christmas lights and cute santa hats everywhere. For me, there’s no such thing as getting the christmas decorations up too early, and what better time to get them in order than right after a massive snowfall?

So one late evening last week I decided to start this year’s winter transformation: cleaning the house, washing everything that needed washing, putting up christmas decorations and baking bread (a classical swedish bread called teacakes, not to be confused with other countries version of them – this is a soft, white bread). I didn’t go to bed until late at night, but it felt great to get everything done in one swoop.

It was probably lucky I got it done when I did, for it’s already a lot warmer and I expect the snow will be gone any day now. Still very dark though, both the chickens and the cats are using this season to get in as much sleep as possible:

Sometimes when I wake up and it’s still pitch black outside I kind of wish I could do the same! But first, a full month of christmas decorations to enjoy 🙂

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