The SoG Visual Novel Update #7: The Artefact

Now that we’ve established that the first story to be told in this visual novel is about a brand new artefact that doesn’t yet know much about the world, it’s time to decide what exactly that artefact is.

Since the main point of the story is how your choices turn the artefact into an empathic, friendly being or a more sinister one, I thought it would be interesting if the artefact was something that could do both good and evil in the end of the story. For instance:

  • A knife that could cut someone free or stab someone.
  • A ribbon that could be used to tie someone’s wound or strangle them.
  • A cauldron that could brew medicine or poison,

Ideally, I’d like the final scene to be something where the artefact has to make a choice of it’s own: save someone or kill them (for the greater good?). Be nice, or be cold.

Personally the Ribbon is a current favourite of mine since it’s very versatile and can be used for many things. Not only could it tie someone’s wound or strangle them, it could also bind someone’s hands or tie them in place – the opportunities for those final scenes are endless.

Now, we’re not sure exactly how dark we want to go with these stories yet – perhaps there won’t be killing involved, perhaps there might. Death has been a part of the Secrets of Grindea universe before, so it wouldn’t be too out there – but we also like to keep a pretty light hearted tone.

What do you think about the artefacts? Anything you’d particularly like to see come to life? 🙂

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