The SoG Visual Novel Update #8: Other Characters

Another thing to consider for the visual novel is what Secrets of Grindea characters to involve in the story. Depending on what we want to do we could use almost no pre-existing characters or only pre-existing characters (aside from the main character and their cousin, as discussed in Update 6).

Since the game is set in the HQ, it’s likely some of the most important Collectors will show up – such as Quinton and/or Ivy. We like the idea of this new artefact being created in the lab, so perhaps some of the scientists there will make an appearance as well.

Quinton is sure to make an appearance. Perhaps some other Collectors as well?

Other than that I’ve been thinking about Chika of Evergrind West, the girl longing for adventure. Perhaps it’s time we bring her along for once (if she can find someone to watch the chickens)?

Rubio is another interesting character that didn’t really appear much in the original game: a young man longing to leave his father’s merchant empire and become a collector. Perhaps he’s made his dream come true and will assist you on your journey as a fellow collector?

Perhaps the characters need to set sail somewhere else, and will join forces with Althea and Sayl of Dragonbone Dunes?

The opportunities are endless, and there’s a ton of characters to pick from!

Do you guys have any favourites you feel didn’t get enough screen time in the original game? Someone you’re curious about? Let us know! 🙂

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