Using AI to Visualize and Inspire Your Characters

One of the many amazing features of AI is that it can help so much when it comes to creativity! One such way is to have an AI art generator create new characters for you.

Using Night Café, I’ve already generated a ton of characters for future projects. For some I simply type in that I want a portrait, not even specifying whether it’s of a man or woman – for others I offer more details, like ‘a young woman with white hair and dragon armor’ or ‘goddess of clouds’. Whatever the generator comes up with helps inspire the character in some way – perhaps it’s not the perfect look, but I might like the hair, a tattoo or the attitude of the character portrayed. And if not, I can simply generate another batch!

Here’s a ton of character portaits generated by the Stable AI over on Night Café, using their existing ‘Artistic Portrait’ preset:

Feel free to use any of these portraits as inspiration for your own characters, or head over to Night Café (or any other AI generator service) and make your own!

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