On Friday the 13th and Luck

Today is Friday the 13th, a day that is typically seen as one especially unlucky day. With recent events around the house, you might think this entire year has been nothing but bad luck for me, with the heat pump breaking down and all. Just the other day we also got news that, despite what we first thought, it seems like we did get some pretty severe water damage and a recommendation to fully replace the floor in two rooms.

I’d like to see it in a different light, though. In fact, I’d argue I’ve been incredibly lucky these first weeks of 2023.

Unless something unforeseen happens, the insurance will cover most of the damage done to the house. We’ve already gotten a new heat pump installed (just the other day), which was a lot quicker than the anticipated 8 months(!) wait time – the company happened to have one remaining heat pump in stock (if that isn’t lucky I don’t know what). And though one could view the water damage as bad, seen through a different light it’s just one more reason to go ahead with renovations of some pretty old floor tiles.

So today I feel lucky we had enough money saved up to cover all of these costs while waiting to get reimbursed by the insurance company. I feel lucky that things seem to resolve themselves a lot quicker than anticipated (fingers crossed), and with fewer consequences than could have been (imagine if water started flooding everywhere while nobody was at home!). I feel lucky for not living alone, for having someone to share these woes with. I feel lucky for being healthy and of sound mind, for having people around me to keep me on track when bad things happen. I feel lucky for knowing that even when things seem bad, they could always be a lot worse. And most of all, I feel super priviliged to even be able to have these problems in the first place.

Life in 2023 is actually pretty good. I hope it continues to be so 🙂

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