The Cat Shelter

This week has been busy. Aside from work, I travelled between Uppsala and Visby, inspected the work that’s been done to the water damaged floor (they decided to try to dry it out after all, since the damage was done by clean water on stone tiles) and prepared for some painting work I want to do in the basement.

I also visited the local shelter where they take care of homeless cats. This is another step on my path to adopt a stray, a lifelong dream of mine. All of the following pictures from the shelter are courtesy of the shelter’s blog and feature some if the cats we saw there.

Ariel, Queen of the shelter

At the shelter they currently have about 80(!) cats of various ages, some more feral than others. While there, we looked at some of the cats they thought would suit our home. The woman who showed us around explained none of them were cuddly or even tame yet, and that it would take time – but that’s exactly what I was expecting. In fact, that is the whole point for me – to be able to help a stray grow in a safe environment, eventually (hopefully) feeling secure and happy among humans.

Hoppsan, meaning ‘Oops’ in Swedish, a super cute and quirky deaf cat

We haven’t made any final decision as to which one to adopt just yet, but I’ll be going back to volunteer there soon, hopefully next week. I think as humans we have a big responsibility to care for animals that are unable to care for themselves – especially those that wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for us. So many people get pets only to throw them out when they end up being too much work. If everyone was a responsible pet owner, there would barely be a need for shelters, let alone one in such a small area such as this filling up with so many.

Gizmo, the most playful of the cats, who might get along with our crazy bengal Link?

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