Tales of Grindea Update #14: Outlining Basics

This week I’ve been working on a very basic outline for the whole project, creating a structure to work around to which I’ll add more details as we progress.

All in all, we aim for the VN to have six chapters in total:

The first chapter serves as a basic introduction to the world. Here, the player takes on the role of the collector and is given the mission to guide Ribbon, the new sentient artefact. In this chapter you’ll also be introduced to the major characters: some of the workers in the lab, Quinton the Quest Master, and your cousin.

The next four chapters involve taking the artifact on various quests, where it will watch you react to the world in whatever way you feel is appropriate. The decisions you make throughout these chapters will affect the artifact’s outlook on the world and shape its personality.

Finally, the sixth chapter is the finale where the player’s decisions throughout the visual novel guide the outcome of the story. Will it end horribly for all, or will you manage to achieve one of the happier endings?

Next week, I’ll go into more detail on what will happen throughout the middle four chapters!

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