A Furniture Project

This week we started doing something we’ve never done before – we designed a TV-stand!

We’ve been moving things around in the living room and realized the TV-stand we have doesn’t really fit where we want to have it, so we decided to simply make our own. Not only is it cheaper than ordering one, the chance of finding one that would fit into the little nook we have in mind would honestly be non-existant.

Taking into account everything we wanted to fit in the stand we made this design. Very minimalistic, but that’s exactly the way we want it!

After making the initial design, we went to have the parts cut out. We decided to build the whole thing using 19mm wide MDF boards we got cut out at the hardware store. We had to do some adjustments after we took them home, but nothing major.

The rest of the week we’ve been polishing the wood and painting. We’re actually still at it, having done two inital coatings so far. Later today we’re gonna polish some more and start painting with final two layers.

We have no idea if it’s all gonna come together, but we certainly hope so! If not, at least we learned a little about the furniture making trade 🙂

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