Tales of Grindea Update #16: Having a Rest

This week I’ve let the outline rest for a bit!

This is actually part of my process with everything I write, and feel others could benefit from as well. You see, whenever I’m in the midst of writing – whether it’s actual prose or in the plotting stage – I tend to get so sucked into it that I sometimes fail to realize glaringly obvious problems. Coming back to it after a couple of weeks allows you to view whatever you’ve worked on with fresh eyes and any major problems should be easy to spot.

So, nothing new in terms of the story this week, but something I can tell you about is that rather than having the game only revolve around making decisions, we’re also considering having some of our major “mini games” make guest appearances throughout the story. This means that fishing, pet taming, puzzle block solving and arrow shooting will feature in the VN, although it won’t have any major part in the game as a whole!

Do you have any favourite mini game from Secrets of Grindea you’d like to see in the story? 🙂

One thought on “Tales of Grindea Update #16: Having a Rest

  1. I love the pet taming mini-game, but that’s because I’m a little bit of a rhythm gamer myself. Fishing comes in second for sure because it reminds me of Stardew Valley.

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