Tales of Grindea Update #17: A Summary

So, in recent weeks I’ve been talking about the outline and last week I took some time to let it rest in order to come back to it with fresh eyes. Now that that’s done, here’s a very brief summary of what we know will happen unless something drastic changes:

Chapter I – A shorter, introductory chapter where you meet the major characters (especially your cousin) and get introduced to the world and your task.

Chapter II – You and Ribbon go on your first quest together, and your destination if Pumpkin Woods. Here, you’ll encounter the Black Ferrets who will attempt to steal your items – whether you give them up freely or battle them is up to you.

Chapter III – Here you’ll get a choice between two different quests; a fetch quest or an escort quest. The fetch quest involves delivering food to the poor family in Seasonne, while the escort quest has you take Chika on an adventure since she realizes she’ll never get to be a collector herself. Whichever quest you take you’ll have several options available like how you’ll gather the food or where you’ll take Chika on her adventure.

Both also involve either the fishing or pet taming mini-games.

Chapter IV – Here you’ll go with your cousin to a dig in Mt. Bloom, to try to find more information about some recently found ancient artefacts. Some bad things happen, which leaves you a bit shaken.

This chapter also involves having you solve a block puzzle.

Chapter V – Still dealing with the things that happened in the previous chapter, you get a new choice: collect some new bows and arrows from Robin and Lil’ Jon or help Mamarino with her most recent charity. Whichever road you take here will lead you to the same place – a reunion with Black Ferrets which will look different depending on your choices in chapter II, as well as getting some new information about what happened in the previous chapter.

If you go with the Robin option, you’ll get to play the arrow shooting mini-game.

Chapter VI – The conclusion. Your decisions up to this point will determine exactly how the story ends, and may depend on your previous choices.

This is all a very very brief summary, of course, which doesn’t take into account the relationships you build with Ribbon and the other characters throughout your journey. But it does gives you an overview of the overall shape of the story. It’s not too long or complex, as you can tell, but building on it is always an option depending on how we feel once I start writing the actual prose and dialogue – which, in fact, is what I’ll be doing next! Onwards we go!

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