Tales of Grindea Update #19: Introducing Your Character

One thing I’ve thought a lot about recently is how to best introduce the player character. As mentioned before, you’ll have the option to edit the look of the MC and decide if you wanna play as a boy or a girl, and I’d like to include that in the game in a more seamless way than a character editor.

One of the ideas I had was to have the game start with an interview of sorts, where Quinton the Quest Master asks you questions about yourself, and asks you to provide a photograph (which you can edit before you hand in). The problem with this is that it might come across as a bit forced, and the transition to where your character suddenly speaks for themselves with their portrait showing might be a bit sudden.

The other idea I had is that as the game starts, you’re asked to hand in your Collector’s resume as part of deciding who gets to do this quest of taking care of the new sentient artefact, well before any character says anything at all. The collector’s resume, or your collector’s ID, would include some details that may have minor effect on the story later on, such as which is your favourite type of weapon (1h, 2h or magic), where you grew up, and of course a photograph you can edit before handing it in. For now, this is my favourite idea, and I’ll probably soon go about making a mockup template for the ID to see how it’d look and feel in the actual game!

What do you think you’d prefer, a regular character editor or having your character design be sort of “built into” the game this way? 🙂

One thought on “Tales of Grindea Update #19: Introducing Your Character

  1. Oooh the resume idea sounds cool. It’s like handing in an application before your character needs to say anything for the story. That sounds like it would fit the story well!


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