Cat Adoption – Serafina & Kamikaza

I’ve been pretty stilent these last couple of weeks, and that is because I finally went ahead and finished up the last preparations for adopting another cat – and went ahead and got two. After volunteering at the shelter for a while, I realized there are so many wonderful cats in need of a new home, and with adopting two, they’d at least have the company of each other even if they would happen to not get along with the resident cats.

The cats I’ve adopted are called Serafina and Kamikaza. They’re very shy and don’t trust humans yet, but even now they’ve done amazing progress in just about a week. It’s going to be a long journey to get them to trust me (and eventually, others), but every little bit of progress feels like such a massive win. I can already say there is nothing I’ve done in my life that has felt more rewarding than caring for these small, scared lives and trying to help them gain back trust in the world.

They’re also quite possibly the cutest cats in the entire world!

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