Tales of Grindea Update #21: Fast Fashion

Some more MC developments, this time sorting out what sort of clothes they’ll wear. As usual, I make a bunch of suggestions before selecting a few of my favourites and sending them off to Teddy & Fred for some input on which one they prefer. That batch can be seen here below:

I would have preferred it if this, too, was something the player could decide for themselves, but since there will likely be a couple of animations needed for this character, it’s best to have one outfit to stick with. Don’t want to burden Fred with a ton of new animations, after all.

In fact, I’m considering editing the animations needed myself if it turns out he’s too busy with work for the last couple of bosses and cutscenes for Secrets of Grindea. Right now, I know the both of them have a ton of things to do to, but we’re also quite far from needing any animations in the visual novel as of yet.

Anyway, as of right now, our favourite option is the first in that row. Which one do you prefer? 🙂

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