Little Vampire Map Sketches

While brainstorming ideas for Little Vampire I started making a quick sketch of a map.

This features a bunch of ideas for areas, buildings or NPCs. Among others:

  • A werewolf forest, where the werewolves are wolves most of the time and turn into humans on the full moon.
  • A Witch Caravan, where cats and other types of familiars draw their carriages.
  • “Frankenstein’s Tower” where a distraught scientist attempts to revive his favourite pet, creating a myriad of chimeras in the process.

I also made a super basic color-scheme test to showcase what colors(ish) could be used for the map:

Since we’re trying to scale down the scope and not bite off more than we can chew this time, it’s safe to say we’ll probably start off with just one or two of these locations and add more if we have the time. If we go for this game idea at all, of course.

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