This week I’m preparing for Secrets of Grindeas release for real! What everyone will tell you time and again is that one of the most critical components of a successful launch is the marketing or PR part, which involves engaging media and influencers who can help spread the word about your game.

When we first launched on Steam we were very lucky to have Grindea picked up by a bunch of absolutely wonderful streamers and gaming sites, and it was a blast to watch them play through the game back in its early state – and yes, it also definitely helped spike our sales whenever a new video or stream released. So, now that we’re about to release the game properly, it’s time to see if we can get some of those amazing people to play the game again (or for the first time).

To that end, I’m currently making lists of what media outlets, streamers or youtubers we’d love to see try the game out, finding out where to contact them and of course writing indiviualized messages for each of them. I probably won’t send anything out until the game is actually finished, but I think it’s a good idea to begin ahead of time, as I’m sure this will take a lot of my time going forward.

Who is your favourite streamer that you’d love to see a playthrough of Secrets of Grindea from? 🙂

One thought on “Marketing

  1. Every new step towards release more surreal than the last… It’s wonderful to see!

    I’m fairly certain my introduction to the game was Kim from the Yogscast’s videos about it. I don’t think she streams anymore, but Zoey and Rythian might still be interested!

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