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This week has been busy! Not only am I on the home stretch of the last bits of Secrets of Grindea graphic assets, I also made this new website, which is what has taken up most of the time I have alotted for other projects.

For those of you who have been around for a while, you’ll know that I used to blog on a dusty old blogspot page. I already had a domain name pointing to that, but for the new project I wanted a proper place to host a proper site. Doing research on what host would provide the best function for the bucks took up a lot of hours. In the end, I went for a wordpress based site with the same host and setup as our Secrets of Grindea website – something sort of familiar, at least.

Designing the thing was the next step. I barely know any CSS or html, but I’m curious and have always loved playing around with that sort of thing (on a strictly no-idea-what-I’m-doing basis). At first I started off with a super basic wordpress theme that looked alright but didn’t suit my needs when it came to the actual blog posts – which to me is more or less the most important part of this site.

The first attempt at this new site…
…and the rather uninspiring blog part of that first layout.

The second attempt involved a new base theme and a lot more editing, but since the blog layout was a lot better from the get go, I believe it was worth it. Perhaps some pages don’t look as clean as in that first layout, that’s alright – the site does what it’s supposed to do for now, which is providing information and blog posts in a readable, decent looking way!

The final layout…
…with a much prettier blog!

With any luck, everything keeps on working from here! Let me know if you spot anything I should fix 🙂

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