Personal Update: Last Week in Uppsala

This week is the last I’ll spend here in Uppsala for a little while. On Sunday I’ll take the ferry back to the island to see the cats and chickens again (as well as my Pixel Ferrets colleagues, of course). It’s been a nice bunch of weeks staying here with my boyfriend, but it will also be nice to be back home again and be able to care for the animals and the garden for a bit!

Not exactly the ferry I’ll be taking back home, but pretty nonetheless.

Most of my “free” time this week has actually been spent on various work things. I’ve decided to do my best to finish up the first draft of the Secrets of Grindea production book before the end of the month, so that takes quite a lot of time – but it’s always fun to give yourself a bit of a challenge and see how well you do when you put some pressure on. We’re all capable of more than we may think if we only give it a go!

Currently Reading

The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

A retelling of the indian epic Mahabharat from the point of view of one of the women in the story.

I was super intrigued with this book to start off with. The Indian myths seem really cool, and I was looking forward to learning more about one of them through this book. However, I’ve now started reading it a whole bunch of times and for some reason it’s really hard for me to stay hooked. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the writing, though – quite the opposite; I think the language is great and the characters intriguing.

Perhaps it’s just not the right time to read this yet.

Picture of the Week

One of the chickens sitting in a pear tree. On Sunday I get to see them all again!

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