The SoG Visual Novel Update #4: Playing Around With Backgrounds

While awaiting the results for the recent polls regarding story ideas and visual direction, I’ve been playing around with the AI to see what sort of Grindea backgrounds it could make, should the poll results favour hi-res graphics.

I wouldn’t use any of them as is – at the very least I would have to resize them and touch them up quite a bit for them to work – but I found it very interesting to see what sort of graphics it makes when I describe the various areas in the game.

So here’s a bunch of them, just for fun:

Port Monnaie & Dragonbone Dunes

Not quite enough bones in dragonbone dunes, and the desert town of Port Monnaie looks a bit off – but quite cozy images nonetheless!

Evergrind West

Mount Bloom & Outskirts

Pillar Mountains

The “pillar” and “mountain” aspect was a bit hard for the generator to grasp, but I love the feel otherwise!

Pumpkin Woods

Probably the area that would need the most work out of all of them, but it’s also one of my favourites visually so I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a lot of effort on making it look right!


Whatever happens with the votes, whether we go for the usual pixel art style or something more hi-res, it’s been a blast to see the AI reimagine these areas and truly inspiring to try to think up ways I would improve the output and bring the feel of Grindea into them.

Still having a lot of fun tinkering with the AI for sure!

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