Style Inspiration: Greg Rutkowski

One of the artists that’s become incredibly popular to namedrop when generating AI-art (and who, by the sounds of it isn’t a massive fan of the whole thing) is Greg Rutkowski. Before I got interested in AI art, I had no idea who he was; I’d heard the name, but never seen any of his art, or at least not known it was made by him. Since I saw his name pop up in a lot of AI generation prompts, it got me curious – and he definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Greg Rutkowski makes the most beautiful art you can imagine, whether he’s mimicing oil paints or painting detailed illustrations for the big name companies:

I especially want to highlight him in particular since he’s one of those artists who feel like AI generators take advantage of him. Perhaps if we spread the word about his amazing art and let more people know about who he is, we can counter just a little bit of that!

You can find Greg Rutkowski on ArtStation, DeviantART, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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