The SoG Visual Novel Update #10: Titles

As this post goes live I’m hopefully busy spending time with loved ones and chilling down after eating way too much christmas food, but I still thought I might get in a quick update about something very important to the visual novel – its name!

While we haven’t come up with the exact name of this particular story, our idea is to call the visual novels relating to Secrets of Grindea for…. *drumroll*

Tales of Grindea

If things go well our ambition is that whenever I have some spare time I’ll continue to expand on these stories and each new visual novel will be released as Tales of Grindea: [Sub-name here]. I imagine we won’t get around to naming this particular one until the storyline is a bit more fleshed out, but it’s nice to have working name for the visual novel project as a whole!

Now, back to that christmas food! Hope you enjoy your holidays 😀

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