Summery Christmas Cats

Here’s something I actually made ages ago but didn’t feel safe posting until now, as it was made as a christmas gift for my in-laws. Since they love cats and the theme of this year’s christmas gift exchange was to bring home-made things, I thought I’d make a little something featuring their cats. It was also a great opportunity to do my very first AI-collaboration!

To start things off, I got my hands on these photos my father in law took of their cats and posted in a group chat ages back:

I then did some copying and pasting and adding a makeshift background, just a little something to guide the AI:

I then put the picture through the AI generator, giving it a lot of anime-like and cartoony keywords, which made it generate this:

This was a little too cartoony for my taste, but I thought it could serve to further define the background and make it easier for the AI to interpret, so after a little more copying and pasting I got this:

Putting that one through a bunch of generators using different source looks to give it a more artsy feel, I got a bunch of pretty cool results:

Styles borrowed from van Gogh, Unknown, and Henri-Edmond Cross, respectively.

Out of these I found Henri-Edmond Cross’ rendition most most suitable – it had the potential of becoming an artsy, summery and joyful looking painting with some adjustments. So, I took the original, made some colour adjustments and did a bit of a paintover, and turned it into a slightly different version:

The Original
After Edits & Color Adjustments

After that I used another AI to size it up a few times (not much of a problem there since this type of art scales pretty well), and sent it off to be printed.

Once it arrived I took it out and signed it before wrapping it up, ready for the christmas party. And so, my first AI-collaboration was made!

The printed and signed version

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