Tales of Grindea Update #11: Aggession, Trust & Death

Recently I’ve been working both on the structure of the Visual Novel itself as well as some of the actual quests the player will go on. The current idea is that you get the artifact in the first chapter, then follows a number of chapters where you go on adventures/quests, helping people in various ways. How you choose to help as well as your general choices throughout these quests affects a few different aspects of the artifact:

  1. How aggressive versus empathetic it is. Does it become more inspired to attack or to try to help/believe the best in people?
  2. How much trust it has in you. If it gets hurt, the trust decreases which can cause it to abandon you in the end.

Spoilers Here

If it is very aggressive in the end but has a lot of trust in the player, it may sacrifice itself to take down your rival.

If it is empathetic and has trust in the player, it will bind the rival’s wounds and everyone will get out unscathed.

If it is aggressive and does not have trust in the player, it may sacrifice itself to take down the player(!)

If it is empathetic and does not have trust in the player, it may take off with the rival after they give a speech in which they twist the choices you made so that you see the downside of your course of action – the rival has interpreted your decisions as being evil when you may have just meant well, meaning there’s a darker twist to several of your choices throughout the game.

I’ve also been considering situations where the player can get themselves or the ribbon hurt or even die and get a proper Game Over. One of my favourite games is actually Long Live the Queen, where you die a lot when you make mistakes! Perhaps this game won’t be just as difficult as that – but it would be interesting to be able to get a Game Over here and there rather than always making it to the end.

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