Podcast Recommendation: Rex Factor

Today I’m going to present you guys with a podcast recommendation! I’ve mentioned Rex Factor before in a personal update, when I started listening to it while being in a reading slump. After now having listened to a ton of episodes, I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in English history or storytelling in general.

Each episode of Rex Factor provides a super entertaining and informative retelling of the biography of an English monarch, starting with Alfred the Great and going all the way to Elizabeth II. The podcast’s hosts, Graham Duke and Ali Hood, then rate and rank each monarch based on a few categories to determine how well they did.

From a writer’s perspective, the podcast offers a wealth of inspiration. The bite-sized pieces of actually interesting historical events and the intriguing personalities of the monarchs can provide ideas for character development, plot twists, and even world-building in fiction writing. As most of the monarchs are pre-modern, it’s particularly useful for writers of historical fiction or fantasy (like me).

The hosts have a great chemistry and approach each monarch with a mix of humor and insight. Aside from providing a ton of inspiration, this podcast has never failed to makes me laugh as I’m doing chores around the house. Whether you’re a history buff, a writer, or simply looking for an engaging podcast, it’s totally worth a listen!

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