Tales of Grindea Update #18: Analysing Characters

This week I’ve gone through the Secrets of Grindea dialogue of each of the characters that will appear in both Tales of Grindea and SoG, writing down notes on how they speak and any specific words they like to use.

This is important to make them consistant personality wise and make them recognizable in the manner of how they talk – it would be pretty strange if say, Quinton the Quest Master used mostly older and more complex words in Secrets of Grindea, while talking like a street kid in the visual novel.

A little sneak peek of some of my notes on Quinton – please pardon the misspelling of ‘acquired’ 🙂

Since most of the dialogue for Secrets of Grindea is written by Teddy, it’s a bit more work to learn how to convey the speech and emotions of a character you haven’t written from the perspective of previously, compared to a character you make up on the fly. Fortunately, I find it incredibly interesting to consider how they’d talk and react to things and to move within that limited framework.

With these notes, I now feel comfortable taking on the task of writing new dialogue for them in the setting of the VN!

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