Secrets of Grindea Recap #545: Outlines & Cutscene Animations

First of all, thanks everyone for your input on the fonts last week! We hear you and we’ll continue to try our best to make sure the book will be as readable as possible! 🙂

As for the actual content of the production book, last week I made the decision to start cutting out a ton of stuff from the production book in order to make it more about art and the interesting bits and less about long texts and too much dry information.

While the previous outline had over 85 categories, I’ve now narrowed it down to 18, which I intend to be about one page each:

While most of these texts have already been written, they’re still way too long and will need to be cut down and polished a lot before I’m happy with them. I am certain this is the right decision though, making the whole book a lot easier to digest as a reader.

Aside from the 18 or so pages in the outline above there will be an undecided number of images from the production with comments on the progession.

Fred and Teddy, meanwhile, continue working on the cutscenes! Each cutscene needs a bunch of animations to make sure what’s happening is properly conveyed visually, so there’s a ton of work to do there. Here’s a couple of the animations Fred’s been working on for those cutscenes this week:

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