Week 2 with Serafina & Kamikaza

At this point I’ve had Serafina and Kamikaza here at home for 2 weeks, and they’re really starting to relax! A few days ago, I was so happy when I got to pet Serafina for the first time. After that, something just clicked and she became a lot calmer and more comfortable right away. She especially likes when you scratch her behind her ears, then she can’t help but start purring right away ❤️

Kamikaza is also becoming more and more interested in my hands, she smells at them often, but she’s still a little uncertain about the whole touching thing. However, I have a feeling it won’t be long before she’s ready for a pet under the right circumstances, especially now that she sees how much Serafina likes it 😺

Otherwise, they’re playing a lot and enjoying their new home. Bird TV is a clear favorite pasttime and the scratching posts also became a lot more interesting when they realized they also provide a front-row seat to the TV.

I’m taking it easy with introducing them to my other cats since Kamikaza is still a bit nervous when they’re outside the screen door. On the other hand, Serafina and Slabbe take turns sitting by the door looking at each other, they seem so curious and interested about who’s on the other side. It will be fun to see if they become friends when they finally meet in person!

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