Secrets of Grindea Recap #551: Credits & Characters

This week we continue on with the very final parts of the game! Certain characters have gotten some new animations, and the credits are in the game (though we’ll keep adding Snowbacca tier names until we close the tier for purchase):

We’ve also gone through and selected a whole bunch of sound effects for the parts that still lack sounds! We’re going to need some more after this (specifically for the last two bosses), but we’re well on our way of having sound effects for the entire game now.

In terms of what remains now, we’re looking at:

* Finishing up the final boss fight
* True Ending, meaning a few more cutscenes
* The post-end state of the world, showing how things have changed after the final battle
* Bug fixing galore!

In other words, not much remaining, but also a bunch of things that are pretty much impossible to guess how long it’ll take (specifically the bug fixes). Let’s cross our fingers things go smoothly from here on! 😀

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