What Lies Ahead

As we approach the end of Secrets of Grindea’s development, we’re of course excited to explore new ideas for our next project. There’s truly a ton of possibilities, and pretty much the only thing we know for sure is that we do want to continue working together creating more games. What sort of game or scope we’re looking at is totally up in the air for now, and will at least partly depend on how well Grindea does when the game is released properly as well. 

As we’re moving into planning our next big project, I will change the format of this blog a little bit – I’ll still try to update 5 days a week, but there won’t be a set schedule for what post comes when, as sometimes certain projects will demand more time and focus than others and may appear in the blog multiple times per week.

So today, instead of showing another Tales of Grindea update, I’m going to talk a bit about the various options we’re considering for our next big project!

One of the ideas we’ve considered is creating a farming game in the vein of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. It’s a departure from our previous work, but it’s something we all feel would be fun to make and, equally importantly, is something that suits our strengths as developers and the style of art we like to make. 

Another possibility we’re considering is a platforming game like Megaman. We feel that it could allow for some intense and challenging gameplay, and more importantly, we absolutely love the genre. In fact, we have a weekly tradition of playing through the megaman games here at the office every Thursday evening. Obviously this would be an even further deviation from the action RPG genre, but we’re positive we could make it work.

A more random idea we’ve considered exploring is something in the tower defense (TD) genre. We do realize there’s already a ton of great TDs out there, though, and that it might be a bit more challenging for us to stand out within that space.

We’re definitely also open to remaining in the action RPG genre – but with a smaller scope. If we do go for something similar to what we’ve made with Grindea, we’ll do our very best to design a game that we can finish quicker and expand upon rather than going from point a to point b, and so on. 

Regardless of which direction we choose, we’re excited to continue creating games together and hope you’ll tag along for the next adventure! Now, if you could pick any type or project, what would you like us to make next?

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