With the chickens getting cozy and set for the winter, it’s only fair the cats get some extra love as well, especially since another will arrive sometime next year! The hallway downstairs has been stuck in a limbo since we moved in several years ago, with spare packages of unopened floor tiles still lying in every corner. It’s one of those situations where you sort something out up to about 80% and then never get around to finishing the last 20. Now, that ends!

My goal this week has been to clean out all of the unused floor tiles and turn the hallway into a cat paradise – I mean, it’s not like we humans use it anyway, except for passing through to the utility room. I bought two new cat trees and a new bed to hang on the radiator, but there’s more stuff coming as well.

For now though, the cats are pretty happy with their fancy new trees and have been spending a lot more time in the hallway playing with or sleeping on them.

Next week I’m going with my boyfriend to visit his family and celebrate christmas with them. It’s going to be a lot of fun and means I’ll be taking some time off work as well. Definitely looking forward to returning to work in January with recharged batteries!

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