Using AI to Visualize and Inspire Your Characters

One of the many amazing features of AI is that it can help so much when it comes to creativity - and one such way is to have an AI art generator create new characters for you!

This Week’s AI Art

Some of my recently generated AI art pieces.

Tales of Grindea Update #11: Aggession, Trust & Death

Recently I've been working both on the structure of the Visual Novel itself as well as some of the actual quests the player will go on!

A Turn of Events & Happy New Year

So the plan was for me to spend christmas and new year's at my in-laws, but as it happens fate had other ideas!

Swedish Christmas Gnomes by Jenny Nyström

It's the midst of christmas celebrations here in Sweden, so what better time to share with you one of Swedens national treasures: the christmas illustrations of Jenny Nyström!

Summery Christmas Cats

How I made my very first AI-art collab; a painting of my in-law's two cats!

The SoG Visual Novel Update #10: Titles

A quick update regarding the title of the game!

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick little post to wish you all a merry christmas, happy holidays, or just an awesome time!

Writing Prompt: Random Wikipedia Articles

How to use Wikipedia as an endless writing prompt generator.

This Week’s AI Art

Some of my recently generated AI art pieces.