This week I'm preparing for Secrets of Grindeas release for real, by making lists of what media outlets, streamers or youtubers we believe could be interested in the game.

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Don't be afraid to take breaks when you need them. Sometimes, stepping away can be the best thing for your creativity.

A Mixed Bag

Small updates on what's going on with all of my current projects.

This Week’s AI Art: Regency England

This week I've been binging the new season of Sanditon, so for my AI-art experiments I thought I'd try to evoke that Jane Austen-esque spirit and try to create something that might have hung on the walls of one of the grand estates we see in such series!

Little Vampire Map Sketches

While brainstorming ideas for Little Vampire I started making a quick sketch of a map!

A Game Idea – Little Vampire

As I mentioned a while back, we've thought a lot about what game to make next. One of our ideas has the working title 'Little Vampire' and is gameplay-wise kind of similar to Secrets of Grindea, with it being an action RPG in the same type of pixel art style you're familiar with - but...

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You have the potential to create something truly amazing.

This Week’s AI Art: Moon Goddesses

A batch of my recent AI-art generations on the theme Moon Goddesses!

And a Bunch of New Items!

This week I've also spent making some new items! Some paw prints for the housing system, an accessory and a new hat!

Collector’s HQ – Extended BG

Today we'll look at some more stuff for Secrets of Grindea! This time I've made an extended background for the final scene in the true ending, where the camera will be able to scroll up past the Collector's HQ and into the skies above for the credits.