This Week’s AI Art: Portraits

Just a batch of some recently generated AI portraits!

Tales of Grindea Update #20: MC Thoughts

This week I've thought a lot about the main character's design, and made a couple of very early sketches.

Secrets of Grindea Recap #547: Ending Cutscenes & Booklet Progress

In this weekly recap there's a sneak peek video of one of the ending cutscenes, a couple animations, and an update on the production book progress!

Style Inspiration: Heikala

If you're into cute and cozy watercolor art, Heikala would be my one recommendation to check out!

This Week’s AI Art: Misc Batch

A random batch of some misc things I've been generating with Night Cafe's Stable Diffusion 1.5!

Tales of Grindea Update #19: Introducing Your Character

In this week's Tales of Grindea update I'll be discussing two different ideas on how to incorporate the character editor into the visual novel!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #546: More Cutscene Effects

Work on the cutscenes continue on this week! Let's have a look at a couple of new effect animations :)

Characterization Through Dialogue

In this week's Tales of Grindea post, I mentioned I've been going through the dialogue of some of Teddy's characters from Secrets of Grindea that I will write new lines for in our visual novel project. This is a super important step in getting the characters right when they're originally written by someone else -...

This Week’s AI Art: Cherry Blossoms II

A second batch of beautiful cherry blossoms!

Tales of Grindea Update #18: Analysing Characters

This week I've gone through the Secrets of Grindea dialogue of each of the characters that will appear in both Tales of Grindea and SoG, writing down notes on how they speak and any specific words they like to use!