Secrets of Grindea Recap #541: More Zhamla Summoning Progress

This week has looked pretty much like the last! In other words, more production book and summoning phase.

The Cat Shelter

This week I went to the local shelter and met with some super adorable stray cats!

Takahashi Macoto: the Vintage Manga Master

An inspiring gallery featuring one of my absolute #1 favourite illustrators! A must see for anyone wanting to master the shoujo manga art style.

This Week’s AI Art

Some of my recently generated AI art pieces.

Tales of Grindea Update #13: Length and Complexity

When it comes to this visual novel, it being a 'side-project' or companion piece if you will, the length and complexity of the project is an important consideration.

Secrets of Grindea Recap 540: Zhamla Battle Progress

With everything that’s happened, things are still a bit slow (last week we had repairmen over for two full days!), but we’re finally getting back into the home stretch of this whole project. Here’s a report on what we’ve been up to!

On Friday the 13th and Luck

Friday the 13th is a day that is typically seen as one especially unlucky day. With recent events around the house, you might think this entire year has been nothing but bad luck for me. But I don't agree - In fact, I feel especially lucky this year. Let me tell you why!

Eadburh, Evil(?) Queen of Wessex

The story of an infamous queen, who was so hated that subsequent queens of Wessex were doomed to be silenced, powerless and completely written out of history for almost 200 years.

This Week’s AI Art

Some of my recently generated AI art pieces.

Tales of Grindea Update #12: Quest Ideas

At this stage I’ve been brainstorming a ton of ideas for events that could happen throughout the visual novel. Some of my ideas so far include: 1. You are presented with two different quests, and you have to choose one. After you’re done, Quinton will tell you how […]