Secrets of Grindea Recap #552: Boss Animations

This week it’s back to focusing on finishing up that final boss fight. As you all know by now, the true final boss is none other than Zhamla, so of course he needs a few more animations to wrap things up! We’ve also spent this week fixing bugs, […]

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Don't compare yourself to others. Your journey in writing, painting, or game development is unique and there's no one else like you. Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures.

This Week’s AI Art: Cyber

A batch of my recent AI-art generations on the theme "cyber"!

What Lies Ahead

As we approach the end of Secrets of Grindea's development, I'm changing the format of the blog a bit and discuss the various ideas we're considering for our next big project!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #551: Credits & Characters

This week we continue on with the very final parts of the game! Certain characters have gotten some new animations, and the credits are in the game :)

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Remember, every great writer, painter, or game developer started out as a beginner. Don't be discouraged if your early works don't measure up to your expectations. Keep practicing and you'll get there.

This Week’s AI Art: Crow Goddesses

A batch of my recent AI-art generations on the theme crow goddesses!

Tales of Grindea Update #22: Main Character Colors

This time I present to you, two portrait options for the main character, in color!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #550: Details, Details, Details. And Credits!

This week's focus has been all about the smaller details that make the cutscenes right on point. Fires blowing out, candles falling, cracks appearing - all of those smaller things that individually may not seem like a lot but together make the difference between a cutscene that looks alright and one that looks great.

Inspirational Quote of the Week

The key to success in writing, painting, or game development is to keep creating, even when you don’t feel inspired. The more you create, the more inspired you’ll feel!