Using Pinterest to Visualize Your Story

Do any of you still use Pinterest? It used to be popular ages ago, but seems to have fallen behind in the world of social media in recent days. I've mostly used it for work - and continue doing so to this day. Here's how.

More AI Art

Last week I talked about the complexity of AI art and the many ways one can feel about it. This week I thought we might just try to enjoy some of it!

The SoG Visual Novel Update #3: Style Mockups

The graphic style is very important in a Visual Novel. Pixel or Hi-Res art? Take a look at the mockups and vote!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #533: Details, Details

This weekly SoG recap features a coffin, some shattered glass, and a missing rapier. Have a look!

Personal Update: Last Week in Uppsala

A mostly work-filled last week in Uppsala. Also, picture of a chicken!

The World of Reference Pictures

Musings on reference art and my favourite place to get it.

‘Starry Sky with Cats’, or Musings on AI-Generated Art

AI-art, yay or nay? In this post I'll share my thoughts on this brand new art form.

The SoG Visual Novel Update #2: Story Ideas

A few ideas for the Visual Novel's main story. Which one is your favourite?

Secrets of Grindea Recap #532: The Seasons

In this week's SoG recap we'll add three seasons to a puzzle room!

Personal Update: Week 4 in Uppsala

In this recap of my week I talk about my recent adventures on the mainland, featuring some second hand book shops among other things. Also, Book of the Week and Picture of the Week (featuring the cats)!