And a Bunch of New Items!

This week I've also spent making some new items! Some paw prints for the housing system, an accessory and a new hat!

Collector’s HQ – Extended BG

Today we'll look at some more stuff for Secrets of Grindea! This time I've made an extended background for the final scene in the true ending, where the camera will be able to scroll up past the Collector's HQ and into the skies above for the credits.

Faces & Floor Decorations

Today I've been working on some things for Secrets of Grindea again. It's been so long since I made some proper art for the game that it feels pretty strange to add new things now!

Tales of Grindea Update #25: Short Haircolours

Another set of hair colours, this time for the shorter hairstyle.

Tales of Grindea Update #24: Ponytail Colours

Trying out six different hair colours to choose from!

Loose Ends

We're sending out reminders to backers who paid extra to design an item for Secrets of Grindea to get in touch with us if they haven't already done so. While most of the designs have already been included in the game, there are still some that we would like to add before the game's release!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #552: Boss Animations

This week it’s back to focusing on finishing up that final boss fight. As you all know by now, the true final boss is none other than Zhamla, so of course he needs a few more animations to wrap things up! We’ve also spent this week fixing bugs, […]

Secrets of Grindea Recap #551: Credits & Characters

This week we continue on with the very final parts of the game! Certain characters have gotten some new animations, and the credits are in the game :)

Tales of Grindea Update #22: Main Character Colors

This time I present to you, two portrait options for the main character, in color!