Tales of Grindea Update #13: Length and Complexity

When it comes to this visual novel, it being a 'side-project' or companion piece if you will, the length and complexity of the project is an important consideration.

Secrets of Grindea Recap 540: Zhamla Battle Progress

With everything that’s happened, things are still a bit slow (last week we had repairmen over for two full days!), but we’re finally getting back into the home stretch of this whole project. Here’s a report on what we’ve been up to!

Tales of Grindea Update #12: Quest Ideas

At this stage I’ve been brainstorming a ton of ideas for events that could happen throughout the visual novel. Some of my ideas so far include: 1. You are presented with two different quests, and you have to choose one. After you’re done, Quinton will tell you how […]

Secrets of Grindea Recap: A (Chaotic) New Year

This is an excerpt from the post over on the Secrets of Grindea main website detailing what’s been going on late last year and the first week of 2023. If you’ve followed this blog you already know most of this, but here it is anyway: Happy New Year […]

Tales of Grindea Update #11: Aggession, Trust & Death

Recently I've been working both on the structure of the Visual Novel itself as well as some of the actual quests the player will go on!

The SoG Visual Novel Update #10: Titles

A quick update regarding the title of the game!

The SoG Visual Novel Update #9: Ending Ideas

Brainstorming some ideas around how the VN could end. **MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!**

Secrets of Grindea Recap #539: Final Boss Iterations and Hats

Another week, and more boss madness! Right now our main focus is trying to develop Zhamla's combat identity.

The SoG Visual Novel Update #8: Other Characters

Thinking about some side character options for the visual novels. Which ones would you like to see?

Secrets of Grindea Recap #538: More Production Book Progress

This week work on the production book has continued, now with the second draft! For the first draft I basically put in every single piece of information about our development without any overarching shape or structure, a lot of it directly copy-pasted from our old blog posts. Now […]